What is an AED and why is it so important?

AED stands for automated external defibrillator.  An AED is an extremely user-friendly piece of equipment that can directly help save the life of someone in cardiac arrest. What is cardiac arrest you ask?  Cardiac arrest occurs when an individual’s heart suddenly stops or goes into an abnormal heart rhythm preventing the heart from circulating oxygenated blood throughout the body. 

Immediate administration of CPR with the use of an AED gives an individual the best chance of survival when suffering from cardiac arrest.  CPR should be administered as soon as an individual is found to be unresponsive and not breathing.  An AED should be utilized as soon as it’s available.

Now let’s talk about how an AED works.  Once an AED is turned on it will provide verbal instructions on what to do and when to do it.  When the AED pads are placed on an individual it will start by analyzing the individual’s heart rhythm and if it detects a shockable rhythm (when the heart is fibrillating or quivering) it will call for a shock.  Once the shock is administered it will hopefully put the heart back into a normal rhythm.  

The key to this process is increasing the number of AEDs present in public places.  Greater number of AEDs in public places can lead to more individuals surviving a cardiac arrest.  

Votano CPR is here to help provide CPR training to individuals and groups.  We are also an AED distributor with access to multiple AED brands.  Contact us today to discuss training and AED options.

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